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Go Beyond Standard Managed Services


Why is the right managed service partner so important?

Nearly 38% of employees quit within the first year of employment.

Never mind that over 40% of employees who leave within the first year do so in the first 90 days, we are talking about the employee’s that have invested time and energy into your IT architectures, networks, data centers and processes.

What do you think the chances are that they documented and maintained that documentation of the tribal knowledge their gathered?

Did you know it costs 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them?

Using a $80,000 salary as an example, you’d pay $26,400 to replace an employee. Not to mention that turnover costs will include a drop in productivity and the costs associated with recruiting, hiring and onboarding.

Having a partner that provides the software, processes, and technical staffing to managed, monitor and support you core IT infrastructure can save you thousands of dollars each year in not having to hire, on-board, and train, only to have over 1/3 of them quit.

If you already knew this information, congrats on being ahead of the curve!

But ask your MS partner if they are also maintaining all of your core documentation, Visio diagrams, asset management documentation, rack elevations, network configuration digital twins, circuit connectivity, monitoring solutions, processes, standard and emergency operation procedures, and etc. There is value in simply saving thousands of dollars by having a MS partner, but there is even greater value when your partner builds and maintains foundational data to increase the efficiency of your team and organization for the long run.