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Navigating the Storm: The Untold Struggles of Network Operations Staff during Outages


This post will be a bit different from post in the past, as we look to salute and try to help organization understand the stress and challenges of being a network engineer in today’s IT environment.

Your network is complex. On-premises, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, remote workers, multi-sites, and the one thing that keeps them all connected is your network architecture. Behind the scenes, dedicated network operations staff work tirelessly to maintain the intricate web of connections that power the organization. When the storm of a network outage hits, these unsung heroes find themselves in the eye of the hurricane, facing not only technical challenges but also the stress of keeping the digital infrastructure afloat.

At the first signs of a network disruption, the pressure on network operations staff intensifies. The initial impact is immediate, with the team thrust into a high-stakes situation where every second counts. Every outage tests their expertise as they navigate through a maze of technical complexities to identify and resolve the root cause of the outage. Is it an on-premises devices, or a cloud configuration, a pathway, a firewall, a sudden change in the environment, a noisy application? The network is always the first to be blamed for any type of performance or outage, even when it is not a network issue. Add onto the technical challenges, the communication challenges add an extra layer of stress, as the team strives to provide accurate updates to stakeholders and end-users demanding information and timelines.

Most of the time people don’t think about the group of engineers that manages, maintains, and supports the communication and information foundation that we build our businesses upon. The stress, complexity, and skills required of network operations and engineers has dwindled the number of truly qualified individuals in the marketplace and has challenged organizations in keeping key talent on the network side.

Take a minute to thank your Network engineer today and ask them what would make their job easier.